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Land Reclamation Solutions

1. Reclamation Engineering Development Prospects

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of dredging equipment and technology development and market demand, the application Reclamation Project has been gradually extended to land reclamation island, coastal protection, land reclamation, libraries from the field of land reclamation, and became the most growth potential businesses in dredging industry's. Reclamation project is the premise and foundation coastal protection, Coastal Industrial Park and other projects, reclamation projects have good development prospect because of global urbanization, climate change, population growth and tourism world demand-driven factors.


 1). Population growth and urban construction land to the ocean

With the continuous growth of the world's total population and urbanization worldwide, urban population density continues to increase, the rapid expansion of urban construction. According to data of the United Nations Population Fund, in 2010 the world's population has exceeded 6.9 billion people; at the same time, almost half the world's population lives in coastal areas, and on the ten largest cities in the world with eight located along the coast. This makes the land supply and demand continue to highlight the coastal cities. Rapid economic development and the supply and demand of coastal land resources, determine the market demand Reclamation project will be accompanied by growing global urbanization and population and continues to expand.


2). Coastal Industrial Park drive the reclamation project

60% of the total economy of the world concentrated in coastal areas, environmental problems caused by industrial development and regional industrial clusters such construction scale make the Coastal Industrial Park in rapidly expanding worldwide.  A large number of iron and steel, chemicals, energy, etc. Which have a significant impact on the environment or on the transport costs of major industries are moving to coastal areas. These industrial transfer the amount of work involved in the great reclamation project, and longer duration, thus forming a stable and substantial market demand.

In our example, China Coastal Industrial Park will build a national iron and steel, petrochemical and shipbuilding base, encourage the relevant enterprises in the coastal layout, these trends led to the construction of Reclamation, has greatly increased the demand for reclamation. Caofeidian, Tangshan, Shanghai and Tianjin Lingang Industrial Park Luchaogang being implemented or already completed more than 100 square kilometers of the reclamation project.


3). The coastal protection strength because of global warming.

Climate warming has become a serious influence on humans life or even a threat from the category of academic research. Climate Change report released from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC - "Climate Change 2007" shows that 2007 years ago, 11 years since 1850 included in the instrumental record the global surface temperature of the highest 12 years, the sea level rises 0.3 cm per year. According to the IPCC predicted by climate change and the threat of future sea level rise will be accelerated.

Rising sea levels caused by global warming makes the coastal areas had to strengthen coastal protection, thus forming a larger demand for reclamation projects. According IADC studies, the dredging industry revenue in 2009 formed the world's coastal protection reached 1.097 billion euros, 10% of total industry revenue share, the revenue growth of 402 million euros compared with 2008, an increase of 57.84%.


4). Tourist industry promotes shore,artificial island reclamation project.

With the development of social and economic and improvement of resident’s income level,the land demand of tourism and recreation are growing,such as the reclamation of artificial island,maintenance of the shore.From Gulf of Mexico,Mediterranean,UAE to the Gold Coast of Australia,water tourism attracts thousands of tourists every year.Tourist industry has become the main income source for many countries.For yacht,cruise terminal,theme park and resort,they need to attract more tourists via improving dredging operation and scenic environment.


2. Reclamation technical process of cutter suction dredger

Reclamation by cutter suction dredger is the most common method.Cutter suction dredger is a dredger that intergrating digging,transporting and reclamation.When operating,firstly,loosen the bottom sediment by cutter head,to make the sediment in flowable condition,and then suck the slurry into suction pipe via the centrifugal pump inside the cabin,enter into the discharge pipe after increasing power,and discharge the slurry to specific location via discharge pipe,thus finish the reclamation work.


When working,the dredger is pushing forward gradually by hull’s left & right swing and insert into the mud alernately by the two spuds.Make use of GPS to proceed planar location,make use of depth indicator to display and control dredging depth.After finishing the striping operation,move the dredger by the auxiliary vessel,re-position and operate.Its technical process is as follow:

start distributionpostitiondredger swing/anchoringset up floating pipedredging and reclamationlayered operationmove dredger.

Proceed large sea reclamation project near the sea side,via the technique of cutter suction dredger,the operation can not only be proceeded quickly and continuously,greatly improve the working efficiency,satisfy the progress requirements of the project,meanwhile,it can avoid the excavation to mountain,destruction of ecological environment,and reduce the road safety accidents during vehicle transporting and the effect to surrounding living environment,it is worthy to promote widely.

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